Rubber Chemical

RUBBER ACCELERATOR ZBPD Type:Antioxidant 6PPD(4020) Molecular:C18H24N2 CAS NO:793-24-8 Applications:This product is a high-efficiency and versatile antioxidant.,wide application. Get Quote Send Enquiry     Description RUBBER ACCELERATOR ZBPD Chemical Name: N-(1,3-dimethylbutyl)-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine Molecular Formula :C18H24N2  Molecular structure :      Molecular Weight: 268.40 CAS NO.:793-24-8 Executive standard: HG/T 3644-1999 Specification: Item Index Acceptable end-product Appearance Grayish brown to brown granules Soften Point,oC ≥ 45.0 […]

Insoluble Sulfur CAS NO.9035-99-8 Type:Insoluble Sulfur Molecular: Su CAS NO:9035-99-8 Applications:uses insoluble sulfur used rubber industries Get Quote Send Enquiry Description 1.Chemical Name: polymer sulfur 2.Molecular Formula: Su 3.CAS NO. : 9035-99-8 4.Executive standard:GB/T18952-2003 5.Specification: Item Index Non-oil-extended Type Oil-extended Type IS 60 IS 90 IS70-20 IS60-33 IS60-10 IS60-05 Appearance (Visual inspection) Yellow powder Yellow andnon-risiing powder Element SulfurContent, % ≥      […]

RUBBER ACCELERATOR TiBTD(IBTD) Type:RUBBER ACCELERATOR TiBTD(IBTD) Molecular:C18H36N2S4 CAS NO:3064-73-1 Applications:The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight. Get Quote Send Enquiry Description RUBBER ACCELERATOR TiBTD(IBTD) Chemical Name: Tetra lsobutyl thiuram disulfide  Molecular Formula:  C18H36N2S4 Molecular Structure: Molecular Weight: 408.74  CAS NO.:3064-73-1  Specifications:    […]

RUBBER ACCELERATOR TiBTM Type:RUBBER ACCELERATOR TiBTM Molecular:C18H36N2S3 CAS NO:204376-00-1 Applications:he product possess the best stimulative quality of sulfonamide type accelerators together with multi-function accelerant quality of scorch retarder. Get Quote Send Enquiry Description RUBBER ACCELERATOR TiBTM Chemical Name: Diisobutyl thiuram monosulfide Molecular Formula: C18H36N2S3 Molecular Structure: Molecular Weight: 412.961 CAS NO.: 204376-00-1 Specifications: Item Crystal Appearance yellow crystal powder […]

Plastics Additives

Tri -n -butyl Citrate (TBC)

Tri -n -butyl Citrate (TBC) Type:Tri -n -butyl Citrate (TBC) Molecular: C18H32O7 CAS NO:74-94...
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Acetyl Tri-n-butyl Citrate (ATBC)

Acetyl Tri-n-butyl Citrate (ATBC) Type:Acetyl Tri-n-butyl Citrate (ATBC) Molecular: C20H34O8 ...
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Epoxy Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

Epoxy fatty acid methyl ester Type:Epoxy fatty acid methyl ester Molecular: C19H36O3 CAS NO:6...
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